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Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity makes a 100 percent commitment to support our colonies—from colonization to Installation and throughout their existence as an established chapter. During the colonization period and following Installation, the following ZTA team will works with our new members:

Traveling Leadership Consultant (TLC)
During the colonization period, ZTA bases a Traveling Leadership Consultant at the campus to have daily personal contact with the colony members and officers.

Director of New Chapters (DNCH)
Our National Council appoints an experienced volunteer to supervise the work of the TLC and meet periodically with the colony/chapter until it consistently proves successful in all areas of chapter management, typically three to five years.

Extension Director
This National Council member communicates daily with the TLC and DNCH to help the colony/chapter achieve its goals.

Alumnae Advisors
Each colony has a minimum of five alumnae advisors: General Advisor, Membership Advisor, New Member Advisor, Financial Advisor and Program Council Advisor, who would work with committee chairmen including the Academic Achievement, Service and Social Chairs.

This team, working in cooperation with the university and College Panhellenic, will design a personalized plan to meet the needs of the colony, the campus and the existing Greek community. This plan includes:

  • Colonization recruitment
  • Officer training
  • Chapter retreat
  • Goal-setting
  • Philanthropic projects
  • Academic Achievement
  • Personal development
  • Chapter programming

Financial Management Assistance
A member of the Chapter Financial Management Committee is assigned to work on budgeting and reporting issues with each colony’s Treasurer and Financial Advisor.

New Member Assistance
During the colonization process, National Officers introduce new members to ZTA’s Fraternity Education and scholarship programs, financial obligations, risk management issues and strong sisterhood.

Leadership Development Assistance
Traveling Leadership Consultants provide training and guidance for new chapter officers and advisors. National Leadership Conference (held in odd years) and International Convention (held in even years) provide national leadership development resources for collegians and advisors.

Housing Assistance
Should there be an opportunity for Greek housing on campus, our ZTA chapter would have the full support of our Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC). The FHC provides all necessary funding to make ZTA housing safe, secure and competitive for its member associations. ZTA chapters do not fundraise for housing.

Recruitment Assistance
New ZTA colonies receive assistance from our Extension Director, our National Panhellenic Delegate, its DNCH and TLCs. This individualized assistance will continue for four to five years to ensure ZTA’s ability to recruit new members effectively and to become a contributing member of the campus Panhellenic system.

If you have any questions regarding the extension process, please contact:

Extension Committee Chairman, National Panhellenic Conference,
3901 W. 86th Street,
Suite 398
Indianapolis, IN 46268



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