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Use of ZTA Insignia

The name “Zeta Tau Alpha,” the letters “ZTA,” the word “Themis,” and the design of our Coat of Arms are registered trademarks of Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity. The terms "Think Pink.®," "Think Pink. Think Zeta.®"and "Take Charge. Think Pink.®" are registered trademarks of the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation. ZTA has an approval right over all designs and products that depict any of these trademarks.

Upon initiation, members earn the honor of displaying Zeta Tau Alpha trademarks but do not receive ownership of those trademarks. Furthermore, members of ZTA do not have the right to authorize vendors to produce trademarked merchandise.

In order to safeguard the appropriate use of our federally registered trademarks and to guarantee quality products, Zeta Tau Alpha is one of many Greek organizations that have entered into a trademark licensing agreement with Affinity Marketing Consultants (AMC). All commercial use of Zeta Tau Alpha’s trademarks must be administered through a license agreement with Zeta Tau Alpha.

Members of Zeta Tau Alpha shall obtain items of official Zeta Tau Alpha insignia, and any items or products bearing a designation or representation of the name(s) “Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity” and “Zeta Tau Alpha”, Greek letters, Coat of Arms, corporate logo, seal, member badge, among other marks determined by the Fraternity from time to time, only from those persons or companies specifically authorized by the National President.

Chapters wishing to use the term "Think Pink.®," "Think Pink. Think Zeta.®" or "Take Charge. Think Pink.®" must receive advance permission from the ZTA Foundation. Permission forms are available from the Foundation and on the ZTA website.

We encourage members of Zeta Tau Alpha to support our organization and buy exclusively from Crown & Co. and officially licensed Zeta Tau Alpha vendors. Members may also purchase official merchandise from retailers as long as the merchandise has the Greek Licensed Product logo. However, retail establishments that wish to use our trademarks to customize items by screen printing, embroidery, hand painting or other methods, must become an officially licensed vendor.

To shop for official products, visit our entire list of licensed vendors at www.greeklicensing.com → Clients → Zeta Tau Alpha. When shopping for Zeta Tau Alpha merchandise, look for these logos:

GLP Logo OLP Logo


The use of any Zeta Tau Alpha trademark on any product or design that attempts to glorify alcohol, hazing, sexism, racism, or any other image that conflicts with the ideals and principles of the Fraternity is prohibited.

Zeta Tau Alpha will not license any form of paddle.

Zeta Tau Alpha will also not license any form of glassware (wine glass, shot glass, beer mug), even if they are marketed as flutes, collector’s glasses, and mugs.

No pictures that show alcoholic beverages may display the words Zeta Tau Alpha or ZTA on the printed photograph.

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