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What is Billhighway?
Billhighway is a cloud-based platform that helps nonprofits and associations manage their finances by automating all areas of their financial lifecycle. Headquartered in Troy, Mich., Billhighway is the pioneer in bringing payment processing, online banking and accounting together in one transparent system to improve operational efficiency and financial performance. Since forming in 1999, Billhighway has processed over $7 billion in client transactions, maintains over 96 percent in client loyalty and has been recognized by numerous organizations, most recently from Ernst and Young as our Founder and Chairman, Vince Thomas, received "Entrepreneur of the Year" and from Crain's Detroit for being one of the "Coolest Places to Work." To learn more about Billhighway, visit www.billhighway.co.

Zeta Tau Alpha has partnered with Billhighway to provide a tool to better manage their chapters' finances. Your chapter will create monthly statements for dues and fees which will be delivered via email. Members will be responsible for making payments directly to Billhighway using a variety of payment methods: online, by phone or via mail.

Did you know? Billhighway has a section just for parents! For answers to your frequently asked questions or to learn more about Billhighway's online security, please visit Billhighway at www.billhighway.co/parents/.

How Do I View My Balance?
Each member has her own Billhighway account at www.billhighway.co through which she has 24/7 visibility of payments, charges and activity.

Members will also receive a monthly statement via email. This statement will be sent to the email address reflected on the member's account.

>Billhighway provides chapters with the software to bill and collect fees from Zeta Tau Alpha members, but does not determine fee amounts. For questions regarding how much you owe or fees that were assessed to your account, please contact your chapter officer.

How Do I Activate My Account?
If you have not yet activated your account, go to www.billhighway.co and click Activate Account in the quick links section at the bottom of the web page.

You will be prompted for your email address, which must match the email that your group has on record for you.

Enter your activation code. If you did not receive your activation code email, you can request a new one from the Activate Account page.

Next, you will create a password and re-enter it for confirmation. Once you click Submit, you will have activated your Billhighway account.

How Do Members Make a Payment?
All statements are sent via email to members. Billhighway will email member statements to the email address reflected in ZetaBase. Members can add a parent email address to their profile from the Zeta Tau Alpha website so that he/she also will receive a copy of these monthly statements.

Monthly statements are either sent on the first of every month, and corresponding charges are due by the 11th, or they are sent on the 15th of every month and corresponding charges are due by the 25th, depending upon which statement date your chapter has opted to use.

To ensure that a payment is allocated to the right account, all members must pay their dues directly to Billhighway. Each member is responsible for paying her bill online, by phone or by mailing payment to the Billhighway processing center.

Pay Online
We accept payments online by e-check, debit or credit card and automatic payment draft. Parents can use Pay Bills for quick and easy payment access!

Pay by Phone
With Billhighway's automated system you can make payments, verify your balance, check payment history or verify a chapter payment address. You will need your account number and zip code in order to use the automated system. (877) 333-6007

Pay by Mail
Zeta Tau Alpha
PO Box 635674
Cincinnati, OH 45263-5674

Payments submitted by mail must have a remittance slip attached and the account number written on the check. Payments by mail typically take five business days to be processed. If you do not include a remittance slip, your payment could be delayed. Remittance slips can be found by logging into your Billhighway account and navigating to the Reports > Balance Detail page. From this page, you will be able to select a PDF to print from the available invoices. Include the printed remittance slip with your check to the address listed above.

*Online e-check payments are recommended for faster processing.

Payments will automatically apply to the oldest invoice on your account.
If you would like to pay a specific charge rather than the oldest invoice, you may do so by going to My Account > Make My Payment. Choose "I'd like to pay a different amount" and then "Select Specific Charges." Simply click on the invoices you would like to pay and follow the steps to complete your payment.

Payments for different members cannot be combined.
We do not have the ability to separate payments for multiple chapter members. Please submit individual payments for each member.

Late Fees
Billhighway will assess a 4 percent late fee per invoice, with a minimum amount of $1, on all invoices that are over five days past due.

Credit and Debit Card Options
Members can pay by credit or debit card online or by phone. A 3.5 percent fee will be deducted from all member payments made via credit or debit card for merchant fees.

Using Billhighway - Hints/Tips
How do I update my personal profile information?
ZetaBase and Billhighway are now in sync! Update your information in ZetaBase and the updated information will appear in your Billhighway account within two business days.

What if I forgot my username?
Your username is your email address. If you do not recall the email address you entered as your username, please contact the Client Care team for assistance at support@billhighway.com.

What if I forgot my password?
You can reset your password by clicking on the forgot your password? link from the Login button. Request a new activation code by darkening the circle next to "send me an activation code." Once you get a new activation code, return to the forgot your password? link and enter your email address, Billhighway account number and activation code to reset your password.

How do I find my account number?
Your account number is located on the top right corner of your Billhighway statement. Your account number will also appear on your account summary when you log into your Billhighway account. Your chapter's officer can also provide you with your Billhighway account number.

Would you like to receive a copy of your daughter's monthly statement?
Members can add a secondary email address to their Billhighway account by updating their membership information through the chapter. This will allow you as a parent to receive a copy of your daughter’s monthly statement.

What if my parents have a question?
Please encourage them to visit Billhighway's help section, created just for parents, www.billhighway.co/parents/.

Contacting Billhighway
We are here to help with technical questions regarding your account.

Client Care hours: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. EST
By email:support@billhighway.com
By phone: 1.866.BILLHWY; (866) 245-5499

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