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The first line of The Creed of Zeta Tau Alpha talks about the opportunity to learn. The women of ZTA have been dedicated to learning since the days of our Founders, who attended the Virginia State Normal school to become teachers. Learning remains central to our purpose today.Each ZTA collegiate chapter customizes its own Academic Achievement Program to fit the needs of its members and its campus. All the programs must include the following: 
Lambda Graduation

Director of Academic Achievement 
The role of the Director of Academic Achievement is to provide programming to develop members’ academic skills and support high academic achievement of all members through incentives, recognition, mentoring, goal setting and a connection to faculty and staff.  

As part of the academic achievement program, the chapter provides each ZTA new member with a mentor during her first term. Mentors are selected based on the success they have achieved in their own academic work and are matched to a new member based on both learning styles and academic majors.

Study Hours
Each chapter provides a schedule of study hours at which tutors are present to provide help as needed by chapter members and new members. The number of study hours required each week is based on an individual’s grade point average.

Scholarships and Rewards
At the national and chapter level, members of Zeta Tau Alpha who achieve success are rewarded for their work. The Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation provides hundreds of scholarships to high-achieving sisters every year. Each chapter also provides recognition for work well done on a semester-to-semester basis.

The ZTA National Academic Achievement Chairman, in collaboration with National Council, is currently working to develop online tools for collegiate members. These tools may include study hints for every learning style, information on how to start a research paper, proper formats for citing papers properly to avoid plagiarism, and hints for taking college exams. We also provide study tips and resources on our website and Pinterest page

Relevant Programming
Zeta Tau Alpha provides its members with relevant programming both at the national and local level to allow its members to grow during their college years. Programming may include information on time management for new members and on building a resume for members close to graduation. We seek to meet the needs of each member and help her to achieve her academic and career goals.

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