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The safety and security of our members is the first priority of the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC). We consider it an enormous responsibility to provide facilities for our collegiate members and take great care to be sure that all of them meet and live in a safe environment.

Gamma Zeta house

Some of our chapters live in ZTA-owned residential housing, some live in University-owned houses or dormitories, and some have only meeting spaces on or off campus. No matter what its housing situation, every collegiate chapter must complete a Safety & Security Checklist within one week of returning to school in the fall. The chapter president, house manager and general advisor, along with the house director and house association or corporation president (where applicable), walk through the facility with the checklist to look for potential areas of concern and sign the report. After the chapter submits this report to International Office, the FHC follows up on any items that require repairs or maintenance.

Each chapter is also required to view the film “Get Out Alive” to learn how to respond to a fire in a classroom, dormitory or sorority house. This film is part of ZTA’s crisis management plan for our collegians.
The FHC is making a major investment of its resources into installing fire sprinkler systems in our largest residential houses, some of which require significant retrofitting due to their age. The most recent sprinkler system installations took place at the University of Iowa, Michigan State University and Mississippi State University (pictured above). 

All ZTA housing facilities are fully insured by MJ Insurance, the industry leader for Greek housing nationwide. Its website provides additional safety and security information for our members and chapters.

Parents should insure their daughter’s clothing, furnishings and electronic equipment through their own homeowners insurance policy or an additional renter’s policy. In the event of a loss at a ZTA chapter house, the Fraternity policy would reimburse only the member’s deductible expense.

If you have any questions about the safety of ZTA housing, please contact the ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation

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