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Stand up! Stand out!

Every day, Greek women are defying the negative stereotypes we see in the media. Greek women are not followers. They are leaders. They are women of action.

Unfortunately, the difficult issues, stress, and pressures they face can cause these strong women to make poor decisions that will affect them in the future, as well as the sisters, friends, and family members around them.

That is why Zeta Tau Alpha and Kappa Delta joined to create Stand up! Stand out!, a program that taps into Greek sisters’ strength to help each other challenge negative peer pressure. Stand up! Stand out! teaches women how to overcome situations that would interfere with their goals, and that they have a voice and the right to stand up for their values.

Stand up! Stand out! is a program to reinvigorate your self confidence and empower the women in your chapter or Greek system! It is designed to be a fun, interactive, and educational presentation for women on your campus.

How the program works:

  • Once you decide to host a Stand up! Stand out! program, your chapter can join with Panhellenic Council or another chapter to plan the event.
  • Choose a topic that fits a need or concern on your campus. Talk with your Greek Advisor and other Greek women to develop topic ideas.
  • Invite a speaker -- either a local representative or someone from the national Stand up! Stand out! speakers bureau.
  • The chapters involved in planning should provide financing for the speaker’s travel and accommodations if necessary. This is usually done through sponsorships from local businesses and organizations.
  • Stand up! Stand out! can be held any time. It is especially effective following Formal Recruitment!
  • Invite all Panhellenic women and even women’s groups on campus to your Stand up! Stand out! event.

Stand up! Stand out! should always share a message of fighting negative peer pressure and inspiring self confidence. Using this theme, gear your program’s topic to your specific campus’ needs.

Stand up! Stand out! topics that have been successful at other universities:

  • Body image and eating disorders
  • How stereotypes and media portrayals affect college women
  • Romantic and sexual relationships
  • Effects of alcohol and drug abuse
  • How to cope with stress and pressure
  • Hazing and risk management

To download program resources, visit the Resource Library in the Sisters Only site.

For more information, contact International Office.

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