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Zeta Tau Alpha believes that meaningful enrichment programming is an integral part of each member's chapter experience. The Links Member Enrichment Program is designed to offer beneficial information to our members in all stages of chapter life.

The first Link in the Member Enrichment Program is the Zeta Is Forever New Member Experience. Zeta Is Forever focuses on the values found in The Creed and teaches about lifelong sisterhood. New members sign the Membership Expectations and Obligations Contract when they join, and initiated members re-sign that contract each year.

Each chapter’s VP II/New Member Coordinator has a guide to lead her through the program. The new member will complete online learning modules in Z-Learning prior to each weekly meeting to better yield conversation and engagement during time spent with her new member class. Each 60-minute weekly meeting includes an icebreaker, a review of the online module, an interactive activity and a personal reflection, allowing each member to absorb information while getting to know her new member class. The Zeta Is Forever workbook presents lessons on values found in The Creed that all Zetas should “seek” in their daily lives, including greatness, understanding, purpose, sisterhood and nobility.

The other links focus on ZTA holistically, encouraging each member to be the best version of herself. The Second-Year Link is Leadership, the Third-Year Link is Wellness, and the Fourth-Year Link is Transition. This allows members to experience personal development in each year of their college experience. After graduation, the Fifth Link is focused on alumnae programming.

All of the Member Enrichment programs are available on the Sisters Only site for chapters to download and adapt to their special needs. The Resource Library also provides additional resources in each area. Please log into Sisters Only to access these resources.

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