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The New Member Experience emphasizes the values of the Fraternity. Each section of the program focuses on values found in The Creed of Zeta Tau Alpha that all Zetas should “seek” in their daily lives, including greatness, understanding, purpose, sisterhood, and nobility. Zetas across the country take part in this program as a new member and learn values that carry with them for a lifetime.

All first-year Zetas go through the new member experience, all programs occurring in the same semester as primary recruitment. These programs are under the direction of the chapter’s VPII New Member Coordinator and the Ritual Chairman. Each 60-minute meeting includes an icebreaker, a review of the online module, interactive activity and personal reflection. Prior to the in-person meeting each week, new members complete an online educational workshop regarding that week’s topic. Each workshop consists of information and activities that will assist new members in their learning of the material. The purpose of these online workshop is to allow for less lecture, and further discussion and engagement with each other during new member meetings, building overall sisterhood and connection to the Fraternity.

The New Member meeting topics and their purpose are:

  1. Seek Greatness: This week outlines the new member experience and dives into personal and ZTA values. It introduces you to The Creed of Zeta Tau Alpha.
  2. Seek Understanding: This week is an introduction to ZTA’s history where you will learn the founding story of Zeta Tau Alpha as well as the current structure of the national organization and local chapter.
  3. Seek Purpose: This week focuses on The Creed and how the Fraternity, its chapters, and individual members abide by The Creed.
  4. Seek Sisterhood: This week focuses on sisterhood and allows you to define what it means to each of you.
  5. Seek the Noblest: This week allows you to explore what ZTA’s open motto “Seek the Noblest” means and how to be a noble leader.
  6. Seek Meaning (post-Initiation lesson): This week occurs after Initiation, and reviews key information that you learned during the Initiation Service.
  7. Seek Commitment (post-Initiation lesson): This is the last week of the new member experience, and ensures you understand the values found in the Initiation Service.

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