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In order to join a sorority, potential new members must first go through a recruitment process. Recruitment is a mutual selection process in which collegians determine the Greek groups that best fit them, and those groups determine which women they will ask to join.

Individual campuses will inform all potential new members about recruitment events and provide them with all necessary information. Eighty-percent of College Panhellenics follow a “Fully Structured Recruitment,” where all events take place over one week’s time.

The most common recruitment events include:

Open House Event: Every student registered for Recruitment visits every NPC group on campus for a brief introductory event.

Invitational Events: Most campuses have two of these events—one focusing on philanthropy and another featuring a theme. Potential new members receive invitations to these events and may accept only a specified number of invitations. The number of invitations they may accept decreases with each event.

Philanthropy Round

Preference Event: The most formal and serious of the events includes an inspirational ceremony. Potential new members attend preference events at two to four sororities, depending on the number of groups on campus. After the preference events, potential new members list their tops choice on a Bid Card.

Bid Day: After potential new members receive their invitation to pledge, they celebrate with their new chapter at their first sisterhood event.

Other recruitment models are “Partially Structured” or “Minimally Structured” during which potential new members attend open house events for each NPC group. After that, Recruitment becomes less structured and may take place over a longer period of time. A few campuses use “Continuous Recruitment” which has no structure, but allows chapters to offer bids to potential new members throughout the school year.

For more information, contact the Student Life or Students Activities office at the school you plan to attend. They will be able to provide you with specific information on how to register for recruitment and what to expect at that campus. 

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