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September 23-27, 2013 was National Hazing Prevention Week, a time dedicated to educating all college students about the effects of hazing and about steps to prevent it from happening. Zeta Tau Alpha is a Crown Level sponsor of HazingPrevention.Org and NHPW. We encourage all our chapters to participate in the annual NHPW activities held on their campuses.

To help spread awareness on campus and to prevent hazing, we encourage chapters to:

  • New this year: Buzzfeed-style lists to promote hazing prevention. Check our Twitter and Facebook pages frequently during NHPW to see these lists. 
  • Wear the "Do the right thing, for the right reason, all the time" buttons provided by ZTA.This is our NHPW campaign for 2013. Encourage all members to wear these around campus. 
  • Attach the "Do the right thing, for the right reason, all the time" keytags to your keys or backpack. 
  • Post the daily sample social media updates via Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Use the “Do the right thing, for the right reason, all the time” logo as your social media profile picture.
  • Create and a National Hazing Prevention Week banner outside their ZTA home or in another campus location! Submit a photo of the banner to communicationsdept@zetataualpha.org to enter in ZTA's banner contest!
  • Hold a required My Sister, My Responsibility: Hazing Prevention & Education workshop DURING NHPW! Invite members from other chapters on campus to attend. (Resources on the Sisters Only site.)
  • Share this special video message about the effects of hazing with members and others in the campus community.
  • Make sure all members know how to report hazing (below), using the ZTA-sponsored Anti-Hazing Hotline 1-888-NOT-HAZE. 
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